The FEED project aims to promote the development of a new trend towards the consumption of “functional foods”, using fresh sprouts of different botanical origins, with particular attention to traditional, local and wild edible species. Sprouts will be also formulated to produce new food ingredients and will be transformed to different functional foods offering extra health benefits to meet the consumer demand while maintaining environmentally-friendly processes/products. Moreover, as fresh sprouts are very perishable and possess a short shelf-life, new bio-based and biodegradable active packaging will be developed with the aim of extending the sprout shelf-life and safety.

FEED integrates a multidisciplinary team that faces the dietary challenges on an ever changing world landscape by the re-discovery of species of cultural importance that could have health benefits and applying new technologies to successfully be accepted by consumers.
FEED will perform a deep characterization of fresh sprouts from cultivated species and wild relatives, particularly focusing on their content of bioactive compounds and antioxidants, then these species will be tested for their immunomodulating and prebiotic benefits.   



  • Promotion of well-being, encouraging healthier dietary choices.
  • Development of new plant-based products effective in addressing chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular issues and inflammation.
  • Introduction of new bio based and biodegradable active packaging developed for the food industry, aligning with the principles of environmental responsibility.
  • Production of novel functional foods with the addition of fresh/processed sprouts through innovative and sustainable technologies: microencapsulation and 3D food printing.
  • Promotion of the Mediterranean diet to the younger generations for a healthy and sustainable future.


  • Assess the bioactive compounds content in both local and cultivated species and evaluate the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities of the identified metabolites.
  • Investigate the microbiota changes linked to diets rich in specific sprouts, seeking to establish a connection between diet and cellular inflammatory status.
  • Develop new bio-based biodegradable active packaging to extend sprouts shelf life and prevent food waste.
  • Utilize the best performing species to produce new food ingredients by microencapsulating sprout extracts containing bioactive compounds.
  • Test if ingredients can be incorporated into the diet through new functional foods such as 3D-printed noodles, snacks, and jellies.

Project Coordinator

National Research Council (CNR)
Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 56124 Pisa, IT
Phone +39 055  2759  322

Dissemination and communications

Consorzio Italbiotec
Piazza della Trivulziana 4, 20126 Milano, IT
Phone +39 02 8975 4564

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